sex and catheterisation

Worry instead of pleasure? (women)

FAQ for women about sex and catheterization

sex and catheterisation - FAQ

It hurts when we have sex. What can I do?

Some women with bladder problems may have pain during intercourse. If this happens, contact your healthcare provider for advice.

I feel very dry.

It is common to have difficulties with moisture in the tissue of your genitalia. Try some water-based lubricant. If you have sore skin, you should see your healthcare provider

I get frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Some of the things you can do to try to minimize getting UTI’s with sexual activity

  • Be sure to empty your bladder before and after sexual activity
  • Be careful to clean your genital area before and after sex.
  • Drink lots of water afterwards as this will flush out bacteria.

If these suggestions do not prevent UTIs, talk to your healthcare professional.

I am pregnant. Can IC harm my baby?

Intermittent catheterization will not harm the baby at any stage of your pregnancy.

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