excersise and bladder problems

Exercise - makes life better

Learn why exercise is good for you – especially if you have bladder problems.

The need to use intermittent catheterization does not mean that you can’t lead an active lifestyle. Being active in any way can make you feel better and help your body be stronger. It can also be fun and give you a chance to socialize with other people. When you have a medical condition the lack of physical activity can have a negative impact on your body function.

Some physical activities may increase the urge to empty your bladder or even to leak some urine. Instead of avoiding the activity, use a pad or empty your bladder just before. The fear of increased bladder issues should not hold you back from exercising.

what sports are good for you

What sports activities are suitable for you?

The bouncing and pounding movement of running might cause leakage.

Instead: Try powerwalking (fast walking).

Heavy lifting (using hand weights or other lifting equipment) can put too much pressure on your bladder.

Instead: switch to lighter weights instead and exceed the number of lifts or experiment with doing them slower or faster.

Tip: Swimming is ideal because it can be done by most people regardless of how fit or mobile they are.

There are also plenty of sports that can be done sitting in a wheelchair, including competitive sports Online research can help you find one of the many organizations who specialize in sport for wheelchair users. For example, there are a number of wheelchair basketball and rugby groups as well as other dance and movement classes and groups that are specific to those who use wheelchairs.

There are many good health reasons that you should exercise – not to mention if you find activities that are fun and use the occasion to socialize with others. You won’t regret getting started with using your body despite bladder issues!

Bladder training exercises

Some people experience bladder conditions that may benefit from pelvic floor training. Pelvic floor exercise – also called kegels - is the exercise to improve bladder management. If your healthcare provider feels that it could be helpful to you, you can do these exercise on a regular basis and you just might feel the difference.

The key is finding something you like to do and then just go for it! You may have to adjust for any physical barriers, but there will be something for you.

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