The My Continence Check

Check for some of the common issues in your routine.

The My Continence Check

Is it normal to have urinary tract infections? Should I be worried that I have episodes of leakage in between performing Intermittent Catheterisation (IC)? Is it normal that I’m draining more urine than I used to? The My Continence Check will help you identify these issues, and help you recognize when to seek help



Helping you find help

Living with IC is not always straightforward. While many people fit catheterization into their daily routines, there will be times when you may develop issues that get in the way of living life the way you want. It isn’t always easy to know if you need help to solve the problem from your healthcare provider or if you can resolve the issue yourself.

Take the My Continence Check

The My Continence Check is your way of checking for some of the common issues associated with your catheterization routine. It can also be a good way to recognize how well you have adapted to life as a catheter user.

You will be asked to consider how many times a day you are carrying out your routine compared to your nurses initial suggestion; you can assess for signs of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and changes in volume of urine drained. Identifying issues can act as a prompt to review you catheterization routine, or to seek guidance form your healthcare provider.

These issues can often be resolved by getting yourself back into a good routine, but may need a review by your healthcare provider.


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