Declaration of Consent

What do I consent to:

I hereby agree that Coloplast A/S and its affiliates (“Coloplast”) and their third party service providers may collect, use, transfer and process personal data and information about me for the following purposes (“Purposes”):

i.  To conduct consumer and marketing related research and analysis;
ii.     To provide marketing and educational information related to Coloplast products and services; and
iii.   To process orders, sample requests and for general administrative purposes.

How may Coloplast contact me:

I agree that Coloplast may contact me by phone, sms, e-mail, letter, social media or other means of communication but only for the Purposes referred to above.

How will Coloplast treat my data:

Coloplast respects and protects the private information of the individual. Any transfer of data to third parties will only occur to support the Purposes described above. Data may be collected and processed across Coloplast’s network, which may include processing of personal data outside of the European Economic Area.

Data will be stored for as long as needed in order to fulfill the Purposes, or until I inform Coloplast in accordance with my rights described below.

What are my rights:

 I may contact Coloplast at any time with a request for:

  • Access to my data;
  • Rectification or deletion of my data;
  • Restrictions upon Coloplast in the processing of my data;
  • Receiving my data in a machine readable format (data portability); and
  • Withdrawal of my consent to the above

Where I have questions or concerns regarding this Declaration of Consent, I may contact Coloplast’s Global Data Protection Officer at Where I am in dispute with Coloplast I have the right to complain to the applicable Data Protection Authority.

How can I contact Coloplast:

For questions, please contact the local Coloplast Consumer Care team on 0800 783 1434 or at

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