Urostomy diet tips

Urostomy diet tips

Learn how to adjust your diet and what to eat and drink in order to avoid complications with your urostomy.

Do I need to follow a special diet? Is there something I can't eat? What about alcohol?

In general, the food that was good and healthy for you before your surgery is still good for you – and the same goes for the more unhealthy options. A well-balanced diet is recommended, but this could very well include all of your favourite foods.

Avoid large portions of meal right after ostomy surgery

Eating small portions is still a good idea

After surgery, your stoma care nurse may have given you advice on the size of your meal portions. As you gradually build up your digestive system, you may feel better by eating smaller portions on a more regular basis.

Urostomy diet tips

Remember to stay hydrated

Because of the nature of your surgery, you will produce more urine than a person who has not had a urostomy. This means you need to drink relatively more to help your body to maintain the right fluid balance.

People with a urostomy are usually advised to drink 2-3 litres of fluid a day.

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks

Alcohol is fine in moderation as is tea and coffee, but be aware of any reactions in your urinary system. Water and juices are still better sources of liquid, so be careful not to use coffee or tea as a substitute for water.

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