Talking about sex

Talking about sex

How to approach discussing sex with your partner or somebody you're dating.

It is important to be able to discuss intimacy with your partner in a relaxed, non-pressured manner. Even if doing so makes you feel embarrassed at first, you can almost be positive that it will only deepen the bond of respect and trust between you. This is also true if you are dating or thinking about meeting someone new.

It is important to be able to discuss intimacy with your partner

Share your feelings

Be open to discussing your feelings as well, so that you are both being honest and open.

Also, you shouldn't misinterpret it as rejection, if your partner is worried about hurting you. Instead share your concerns and listen to your partner's concerns. These typically include:

  • Physical limitations such as vagina dryness or problems with erections
  • Pain
  • Fears in terms of odour, leakage or rejection
  • Anger, resentment or guilt, that interfere with the desire to have sex
talking about concerns will help in leading to a happy sex life

The secret of a happy sex life

Keep in mind that your attitude is probably the most important ingredient for a happy sex life. So do whatever you feel you need to do to feel relaxed, free, and at ease with your body. And talking about these issues is a giant step forward.

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