how to deal with unexpected situations when you have an ostomy

What to do when problems occur when away from home

How to approach problems when you are not in the comfort of your home

Hopefully you shouldn't experience any issues with your pouch whilst away from home. If you take the time to perfect your appliance change routine at home, this should reduce the risk of any issues when you're out and about. However, unexpected situations can still occur in some instances. How should you handle those?

contact supplier if you have issues with your stoma solution

Problems with your stoma appliance?

If you have a problem with your product, you can call our Coloplast® Charter Advisors directly: 0800 783 1434. They have a lot of experience with dealing with a myriad of different situations, and can probably help you with some calming advice.

If leakage happens ...

If a leak does happen when in a public setting, it can feel like a disaster. But you can take some of the stress out of the situation by preparing yourself. You may be able to handle the situation discreetly with a quick trip to the toilet. If you need help though - What will you say? Knowing what to tell a waiter in a restaurant can reduce your panic greatly. Simply explain that you have had a medical crisis and need access to the toilet, and perhaps towels, disposable bags or other supplies.

There should be no need to explain details – in most cases the words "medical crisis" is enough to get the immediate assistance you need.

Have a friend on 'speed dial'

It can be extremely supportive to have a friend, or a relative, that knows about your stoma, on call in case something unexpected happens.

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