What to wear for different sports

What to wear for different sports

Learn which clothes and stoma products provide the best support for certain types of sports.


Walking doesn't require special measures. However, if you are doing longer walks or advancing into hiking, make sure you give your body the support it needs with a good pair of walking or hiking shoes.

ostomy belt will help keep your pouch in place while running


In most cases paying attention to the baseplate adhesive from time to time is enough, but if you want to feel even more secure using an ostomy belt will help keep your pouch in place.


You can either use a standard-size pouch and simply empty it before swimming –or if you want to be more discrete, you can use small ostomy pouches designed to be less bulky.

Women might consider wearing snug swimsuits with dark colours or busy patterns, while boxer-style swimming trunks is a good choice for men.

Most pouches are waterproof - however do remember:

  • Water can cause the edges of your baseplate to lift, so make sure that the edges of the appliance are completely secure.
  • If you use hot tubs, be sure to check your pouch seal. Heat can affect your weartime, so you may need to change your ostomy appliance sooner.
  • If you wear a pouch with a filter don't forget to cover it with a filter sticker.


The torque involved in a golf swing can put some stress on your ostomy appliance. You can use tape to help your appliance follow your movement better. If you are using a 2-piece solution, an ostomy belt might be an option for you, to hold your appliance in place.

A standard round of golf can take anywhere between 4-5 hours, so it’s important to understand how far you may be from the nearest toilets. Plan ahead and make sure you have extra pouches and accessories with you should you need them.

Strength training with an ostomy might require wearing support garment

Strength training

Heavy, uncontrolled, lifting can put you at risk for a hernia. When you are lifting and/or using abdominal muscles use a support garment to keep everything "in place". The support garment will need to be fitted to you, whether you do that yourself or ask your stoma care nurse to help you.

Team sports

To prevent any problems with your solution, you can wear an ostomy belt or girdle to keep the pouch securely in place.

In contact sports such as football, rugby, wrestling or martial arts there are protective ostomy guards that can help prevent ostomy injury.

This website includes general guidelines. Always follow the instructions by your healthcare provider.

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