Why abdominal exercise matters

Why abdominal exercise matters

When you go through ostomy surgery, your abdominal muscles become weak. Doing exercise to strengthen your core will help you recover faster - and reduce the risk of suffering from back pain and developing a hernia.

What’s the function of your core?

The abdominal muscles, that form the ‘core’ of your body, are extremely important for your everyday movement. You might not think about it, but you use your abdominal muscles when you move and twist, lift things, cough, laugh and sneeze. They sort of act like a corset around your internal organs and spine, helping you keep posture and stand up straight.

make core strong again

That is why you suffer from back pain and other symptoms of bad posture, when your abdominal muscles are weakened. This is also the reason why people with an ostomy should put much effort into making their core strong again.

After surgery, your abdominal muscles are weakened due to the incision that is made to create the ostomy. If you do not work hard to rehabilitate those muscles, the pain will linger - and you are more likely to experience other complications such as a hernia or problems getting a tight fit between your body and your ostomy solution.

Forget about crunches and sit ups

Usually when you think about abdominal exercise, you might think about crunches, sit ups and other exercises designed to push your core strength to the limit. But when it comes to rebuilding your abdominal muscles after ostomy surgery, a ‘slow and steady’ approach is an absolute key.

So do not be afraid that you will not be able to perform the exercises meant to strengthen your core. The exercises presented in the Core 4 programme below are designed with the sole purpose of re-engaging the weakened muscles in your abdomen. Think of them as part of the healing, something you do at you own pace.

Core 4 Exercises

Don’t hesitate - start today

Even though it can take up to 3 months for the affected muscles to fully recover, you can start exercising lightly when the healing is occurring. And don’t be discouraged by minor setbacks - it is all part of the process. If you keep an exercise diary you will most likely discover that you are, indeed, moving in to the right direction!

Note! You should always consult your ostomy care nurse or surgeon before starting excersising.


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