how to pack before travelling when you have a stoma

Packing and planning

You may want to consider a checklist before going away. Here we provide you with some pointers to help you plan your trip.

Your stoma shouldn't stop you from travelling. However, you may need a little extra preparation, especially in the beginning.

pack extra ostomy supplies in a small travel bag

Bring a changing bag

Whether you are travelling by car, ferry, train or plane, it is important to pack a small changing bag, where you can keep extra pouches and any other supplies you may need with you.

How to avoid seat belt chaffing

If you travel by car you might find it helpful to bring a small cushion. Place it in your lap between the seat belt and your pouch. That way you can avoid having the seat belt rub against your pouch.

if you need additional insurance, remember to declare your ostomy

Do you need additional insurance?

Before you travel abroad, you need to check how your condition and circumstances are covered by your travel insurance policy. Maybe you need to look for additional insurance coverage – if so, make sure to declare your ostomy.

It shouldn't result in a large premium. The insurance company will probably be more concerned about the condition that lead to your ostomy surgery in the first place. In any case, be sure to ask more than one insurance provider, as specialist insurance companies might save you a lot of money on travel insurance.

Sometimes, crossing a certain threshold (e.g. 12 months since surgery) will make insurance significantly cheaper, so that could impact your travel plans.

Getting supplies and help at your destination

It is also well worth the trouble to find out in advance where and how you can get medical assistance at your travel destination.

If going on a longer trip, you should check whether it is possible to get the stoma care supplies you need locally where you're going. Your regular supplier might even arrange delivery abroad for you, if you ask well in advance.

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