dining out with a stoma

Jackie: I no longer feel a nuisance dining out

Jackie’s second ileostomy surgery helped her get back to an active social life including dining out with friends.

Jackie is from Bristol and has had her permanent ileostomy since September 2015

This gave me my life back

After two years of struggle following a temporary ileostomy and a second cancer which led to a short colon and severely restricted diet and pain, I agreed to a permanent ileostomy in September 2015. This gave me my life back! There was a little difficulty at first with leakage due to scarring from my first ileostomy but the stoma care nurses were brilliant and soon sorted me out. I was used to changing the bag from my previous experience so that was never a problem.

attending social events with a stoma

I no longer feel a nuisance dining out… I can eat almost anything

I was now able to go to social events including the Christmas meal at the pub with my church which I had had to miss out on before. I no longer felt a nuisance if being entertained with a meal by friends as I sometimes had not been able to eat much of what they were preparing. I have found now that I can eat almost anything I want, although I avoid things like nuts and sweetcorn.
Also, some vegetables can be a bit smelly but you discover these things through trial and error – everybody is different.

I’m careful what I eat during a round of golf

I play golf a couple of times a week. I am careful what I eat during a round in case the bag fills before I reach the 19th hole but it hasn't been a problem and I can still hit the ball well (ish!) without having to worry. We go on long walks with pub meals halfway and if I wait for a short while to use the 'ladies' before we set off again, I am fine. I have obtained a radar key and a plastic card saying I am entitled to use an accessible toilet in case I am challenged (as I look so well!), but so far have not had to show the card. My husband and I are venturing abroad this year for the first time after my operation but I have no concerns about managing.

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