How to care for your stoma

How to care for your stoma

Cleaning, showering and taking care of your stoma in the best possible way.

Getting a stoma is, in many ways, like getting a completely new body part - it does take a while to get used to something "new" being there. The swelling should already be reduced, but it could still be a little larger than normal.

A little blood is not unusual

The stoma is red in colour, which is completely normal. This is because it is a mucous membrane, just like the mucous membrane inside your mouth. There is no sensation in the stoma, so it is not at all painful to touch.

It could bleed a little because blood vessels are very close to the surface, but that's normal - just like the tissue inside your mouth bleeds easily.

Refrain from using soap when cleaning

You should obviously handle your stoma with care, but there is no need to be afraid of touching it. To clean it, simply use tap water and soft medical wipes or soft cotton wool.

The stoma and the skin around it doesn't need soap for cleansing, and in fact, soap could irritate it - as could baby wipes.

Taking a bath with a stoma

Taking a bath with a stoma

Showering and bathing will not damage neither the stoma itself nor your ostomy appliance, so you can shower with or without your pouch as you please. Just remember to keep soap, oils or creams etc. away from the stoma. 

Let your stoma and the surrounding skin dry carefully before you put a new appliance on – and that's actually all you need to do. You could use soft non-woven swabs to gently stop any output dripping while allowing your skin to dry.

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