what to do if there is odor from the pouch

Do you worry about odour?

Advances in product technology means that odour is becoming less of an issue whilst wearing the pouch. It is quite normal for there to be an odour when emptying the pouch

Odour, or rather the worry about odour is a natural concern for many people with a stoma. The good news is that it is a rare issue and is usually has a cause that can be resolved.

What causes odour ?

  • The adhesive on your appliance may have lifted away from your skin, allowing air to pass underneath.
  • You have developed a leak.
  • The filter on the bag has become wet, letting odour escape through the filter
  • You are experiencing diarrhoea
  • If you have a urostomy – you may have a urine infection
  • If you use a drainable bag – the end may have got soiled/wet with the output
  • It may be that you are just more conscious of odour than those around you, remembering it from when you empty your pouch.
Stop worrying about odour

What can you do to reduce odour?

  • Do not wear your bag longer than is recommended.
  • When emptying a drainable bag: Clean the end before closing the outlet of the bag
  • On older bags, the filter can become wet from activities such as swimming. Use a filter cover to protect it from becoming wet. Some newer bags – such as SenSura Mio have built in protection, so do not usually need a cover.
  • Diet can impact the odour of your output. You may choose to avoid foods if you notice an issue. You may choose to try pro-biotic yoghurts or adding a drop of peppermint oil or charcoal tablets to reduce wind.There are many air fresheners that you can use in your bathroom to keep it fresh after a change. These range from sprays to aromatic oils. Prescription odourises are available in the form of sprays or drops which can be inserted into your bag, or for use when you are in the bathroom.
  • If you have a urostomy – ensure you are drinking plenty of fluids (water/squash) at least 8 cups a day (if you have a kidney or heart condition please confirm your oral fluid intake with your nurse specialist)

Take the Ostomy Check

It's likely that you are experiencing more problems that just odour.
You may be troubled with sore skin and leakage

At Coloplast Charter we can help you overcome these issues. Take the Ostomy Check today to let our advisors know you have an issue, or contact us to request a call back. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 783 1434.

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