Incontinence and going out

Going out without worries

Why intermittent catheterization can make socializing easier

Nurturing friendships and being social may be overwhelming and challenging when you are dealing with bladder problems- especially when having to leave your home.

It is natural to feel insecure when leaving the house for long periods of time. Our privacy or what we do when we visit the restroom is usually nobody’s business. Going out and participating in activities where you have less control over the situation and where it can be difficult to find the required privacy, might challenge your feeling of security with your bladder routine. You might feel alone with your struggles because most people don’t know about your issue or because you might not want them to know - or accidentally discover it.

Remember that when you use intermittent catheters you can plan your day, and ensure that your bladder is emptied when you want to empty it instead of at inconvenient times. With some practice, it can be done quickly and you won’t be away for any longer than anyone else going for a bathroom break. Often times this means that most people would not need to know anything about your catheterization routine if you don’t want them to. It could be helpful if you have a few close friends who are aware of your situation. That way, when you have to catheterize- it may be less stressful for you and You can be yourself and do what you have to do without making up excuses.

Catheterizing at friends' house

What if I’m at a friend’s house?

If you are at a friend’s house you might worry about privacy when using the bathroom. When you need to get rid of the used catheter, it is helpful to have some colored plastic bags with you to wrap the catheter in after use so you can discard it or take it home with you. You can also get catheters that are compact and discreet, so you can just have them in your pocket – even after they have been used.

Do I need to tell?

here really is no way to generally answer this question. The choice to tell people about your cathing is completely up to you. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to sharing personal details about ourselves. However, it might be a good idea to share your condition and needs to some close friends and family. It’s up to you! Read our thoughts on telling about it in the article “Should I tell people about it?

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