The Ostomy Check

It is important, that you let us know if you have issues of any kind. It doesn’t matter if it is related to your body, your product - or how you are feeling in general. Let us know, and we promise to do our best to solve the issue at hand!

The Ostomy Check is a simple way for you to check the current state of your stoma and identify any issues. Based on your answers, we make sure that the information and support you get from us are tailored to your current needs.

Do you have any adhesion issues?

Ensuring your product sticks securely to your body helps you feel secure, and prevents complications. You can select one or more issues.None Insufficient adhesion when applying Adhesive dissolves during wear Adhesive edges rolling

Do you have any skin irritation issues?

Your skin around your stoma should look like the rest of your stomach. If not, you can select one or more issues.None At the outer edge of the baseplate Under the baseplate Around the ostomy

Do you have any coupling issues?

Two Piece appliance users only.Click on any coupling issues you might have. It is important that your two-piece system works for you. You can select one or more issues.None Coupling difficult to close or open Pouch falls off Leakage at coupling

Do you have any pouch issues?

It is important that your pouch works for you and that you feel confident wearing it. You can select one or more issues.None Leakage Odour Ballooning or pancaking

How are you feeling right now?

I am having a difficult time
I feel great

Do you feel you have the resources to cope with your situation?

I am confident I can take on new challenges

Not true at all
Very true

I have a strong network to assist me

Not true at all
Very true

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