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The type of information we ask for

We typically ask for your:

· Name

· Email address

· Phone number

Depending on your request we might further ask you for your:

· Postal address

· Medical details (sensitive data)

· Healthcare provider details

· Gender

· Age

· Photographs

· Body shape/type

For more detailed information please Read our full privacy and data policy

How we use personal information

If you’re ordering a product, request contact or service from us, including a free sample, we’ll use the contact information you give us to send, track and deliver your items. We may also call you to check you’ve received your order and answer any questions you may have about it. If you’ve chosen a support service, we’ll need your personal data so that our team can provide the relevant service – either in person, by phone (incl. text) or through post or emails.

The medical needs of males and females are typically different, and we’ve designed products to support gender specific needs. That’s why we ask about your gender, age and body shape/type to help us suggest the best suitable products and services and understand your individual needs.

We also use the information you share with us to help us understand our customers, their medical conditions and their needs when treating them. This helps us to improve our products and services and to develop new ones. We will only process this data on an aggregated level.

Who we share your information with

We may also share your information with legitimate third parties if it is required to fulfil your request. For example, we share information with the health care provider who referred you to us, or to medical equipment companies from whom you can order supplies. We may share your information with Coloplast’s affiliated companies, who may reach out regarding related products and services. Under very rare circumstances, we might be legally obligated to share your data with public authorities.

How we protect information

If we need to share your information, we will anonymise it – unless it’s necessary to process your request, for example. We also restrict access to your personal information within Coloplast, so that our employees can only access the data they need to see and nothing else. And we do not sell data to third parties.

Read our privacy policy for the declaration of consent. By accepting, you agree that we can collect and process your information for the above purposes. You may withdraw consent at any time without ramifications.

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