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Are you experiencing any issues? Or are you in need of a Travel Certificate for your next holiday? We have gathered a range of useful resources to support your care – see below:

Download a Travel Certificate

This helpful document explains your condition, the medical supplies you are carrying and why you might need support and privacy as you go through security.

It is not only the Travel Certificate that might be useful while you are travelling. If you would like to have the contact details of our officesthis list is right for you!

Experiencing skin irritation?

Maintaining healthy skin is often simply about checking you are applying and removing your stoma appliance correctly and with the right frequency. If you see any changes in the appearance and colour of the skin around your ostomy (compared to the skin on the rest of your stomach), you can download our guide to healthy skin in order to detect what might be wrong and what can be done.

You can find more information on how to keep your skin around an ostomy healthy here.


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