support of family and friends is important while going through the ostomy surgery

Clive: The importance of support

For Clive, support from family and friends has been absolute key before and after his ostomy surgery.

When my Crohn's disease became uncontrollable, I decided to take some time off work. I was a courier at a family-run firm and didn't want to have to let them down at the last minute, as it was becoming increasingly difficult to carry out my duties.

My boss was quite understanding, but obviously the situation couldn't go on forever, so I had to make the decision to give up my job.

visits from friends can be very helpful while you need to be at home

Visits helps you get through

I had made some good friends in my thirteen years with the company and one in particular always came to visit me at home, and also when I had various stays in hospital. My office boss came to visit me at home and we still meet up from time to time. I call into the office for chats sometimes, as he only does a couple of days a week now since his retirement.

Those visits were very important to me as I was feeling very cut off from everything, and all I ever saw was the four walls of my house. It helped me get through those difficult times.

My family was my rock

My family throughout my illness was essential to me. My wife especially, who became my caregiver through all of this as, a lot of the time, I had to have help in the bathroom, getting in and out of bed, and getting dressed. This sounds pathetic, I know, but anyone with this illness will know how debilitating it can be. I am very lucky to have five wonderful children; although all grown up now, they were all my rock.

family plays an important part after having an ostomy surgery

Someone to wake up to

On the morning of my operation, my eldest stepdaughter took me into hospital along with my wife and youngest daughter. They came up to the pre-operative suite with me but when it was time to go in there I wanted them to go, as I feared it would have gotten quite emotional for all of us, and I needed to keep it together before this daunting operation.

My daughters stayed with my wife all day and ten hours later when I awoke from my operation, my wife and eldest stepdaughter were there as I came round. All of them came into see me every day I was in there, and also my friend whom I met in hospital.

Getting help at home

On the day I came home my wife and daughter picked me up and took me home. My family all rallied round to help during my recovery, my wife especially with help getting dressed and so on... it's a good job she used to be a nurse!

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