Tips for going out, packing and planning

Tips for going out, packing and planning

What to think about before going out for social events or an evening with friends.

Whether it could be a quiet drink in a local bar, a meal out in a restaurant, or visiting friends, nothing should stop you from going out and enjoying yourself. Ostomy appliances are both secure and discreet – and typically people will not know that you are wearing a pouch unless you decide to tell them.

Pack a kit

When going out, make sure to pack an extra pouch and all the accessories you might need. The first few times it can be good to bring even one more than you will realistically need, just to put your mind at ease. It can also be helpful to bring extra plastic bags for disposing of your pouch, in case you can't get to a garbage can. This will put your mind at ease to know you are covered, just in case.

take a few extra ostomy supplies and accessories when going out

Think ahead

When you arrive in a new location - be it a restaurant or a friend's house - try to familiarize yourself with the location of the restroom. It can take a lot of stress off your mind if you know in advance where to go if you suddenly need to.

How you get started

To help build up your confidence to get back to socializing, set small targets in the beginning. Start relatively close to home, and only stay out for a short period of time, perhaps a few hours. Then move on to things like using a public toilet for the first time or visiting a relative for several hours. It can be helpful to start with a relative or friend that already knows about your situation.

Before you know it, planning a day away and it won't be long until you are relaxed in any social situation.


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