how to pack before travelling when you have an ostomy

Packing and planning

A short checklist of what to bring and plan ahead of before going on holiday or other trips including many hours of traveling by car, train or plane.

Your ostomy shouldn't stop you from traveling. However, you do need a little extra preparation, especially in the beginning.

pack extra ostomy supplies in a small travel bag

Bring a small travel bag

Whether you are traveling by car, ferry, train or plane, it is important to pack a small bag with extra pouches and any other supplies you may need with you.

Seat belt tips

If you travel by car you might also find it helpful to bring a small cushion. Place it in your lap between the seat belt and your pouch. That way you can avoid having the seat belt rub against your pouch.

Travelling by plane? Get a Travel Certificate!

Are you worried about going through the security at the airport and having to explain your condition to security personnel? If so, one of the things you can do as an extra preparation to keep surprises at a minimum, is to get a Travel Certificate.

A Travel Certificate a simple document, explaining your medical condition. This can be shown to your security officer, to eliminate the need for you to try and explain this yourself in front of fellow travelers.

Simply fill out some personal information and let the Travel Certificate do the talking for you.

if you need additional insurance, remember to declare your ostomy

Do you need additional insurance?

Before you travel abroad, you need to check how your condition and circumstances are covered while traveling. Maybe you need to look for additional insurance coverage – if so, make sure to declare your ostomy.

Getting supplies and help at your destination

It is also well worth the trouble to find out in advance where and how you can get medical assistance at your travel destination.

If going on a longer trip, you should check whether it is possible to get the ostomy care supplies you need locally where you're going. Your regular supplier might even arrange delivery abroad for you, if you ask well in advance.

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