Find the right ostomy solution for your stoma

What's the right colostomy pouching system for you?

Do you prefer a 1-piece or a 2-piece pouch? Does your stoma do well with a flat barrier, or does the area around the stoma need a little extra support? You name it, Coloplast has it: a broad assortment of drainable pouches with all the benefits of the SenSura® Mio range.

Bodies are different. With BodyFit Technology, we make life easier for everyone with an ostomy by securing the right fit, no matter your shape or specific situation.

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stoma appliance for regular body profile

Regular profiles

If the area around your stoma is level or near level with the abdomen, the flat SenSura® Mio pouching system may be the best fit. It has an elastic adhesive that follows your body during movement.

stoma appliance for inward body profile

Inward profiles
If your stoma is on an inward area, SenSura® Mio Convex could be right for you. It has integrated flexlines for comfortable bending without any compromise on security.

stoma appliance for outward body profile

Outward profiles
If your stoma is on a curve, bulge or hernia then SenSura® Mio Convex Flip may be the best fit. It has a curved, star-shaped barrier that hugs curves, bulges or hernias for a good fit.

Do you need a Flat, Convex or Convex Flip solution?

The SenSura Mio range lets you choose between a Flat, Convex or Convex Flip barrier. What's best for you depends on the area around your ostomy and the position of the ostomy.

If the area around your ostomy is deep-seated or uneven, a convex barrier can help provide a good fit. The curved shape of SenSura Mio Convex provides support and comes in three sizes: Soft, Light and Deep.

  • The Soft Convex can provide the proper support in the area around the ostomy, if it is above skin level.
  • The Light Convex has a light curve that gently helps the ostomy protrude, if it is in level with the skin or in a slightly deep-seated area.
  • The Deep Convex is suitable, if your ostomy is below skin level and needs a lot of help to protrude. It has a deep curve, which provides a good grip.

A Coloplast® Care professional can help identify which size is right for you.

If the area around your ostomy is an outward bulge, curve or hernia, a SenSura Mio Convex Flip solution may be the right solution for you. It is the first pouching system specially designed for outward areas. Its curved, star-shaped barrier with fit zones and a stability ring supports your stoma with less creasing and folding in the adhesive.

SenSura Mio

Full-circle filter prevents ballooning

Do you worry about your pouch inflating like a balloon, or odor from the pouch? Many ostomy pouches incorporate a charcoal filter to deodorize gas and allow it to escape from the pouch - but once the filter clogs, it doesn't work. SenSura Mio pouches feature a special full-circle filter, which adds a large, circular "pre-filter" to trap stool before it reaches the the filter so it can prevent it from clogging. This results in a much smaller risk of ballooning.

Secure fit with elastic barrier

The barrier is the most important part of your pouching system - not only does it protect your skin from your stoma's output, it keeps your pouch adhered to your skin.

Your skin is elastic, which allows you to stretch and bend and move throughout the day. SenSura Mio's special elastic barrier follows these natural body movements and fits individual shapes to maintain a secure fit.

Feel free to wear whatever you want

Do you worry that your pouch will be visible underneath your clothes? The SenSura Mio pouch is a neutral-gray color, which was chosen to optimize discretion under all clothing colors.

And because it's made of a water-resistant, woven textile, the pouch feels soft against the skin, provides low friction against clothes, and dries quickly after a shower or a dip in the pool.

Drainable or closed?

Depending on your stoma's output, you may have different pouch options available to you. Chances are, when you first left the hospital, you started out with a drainable pouch - one with an open end that could be emptied and resealed using either a built-in Velcro®-type mechanism, or a plastic clip.

Perhaps you're still using a drainable pouch - either because it's what you know how to use and order, or because you fill it multiple times a day with runnier output.

However, if your stoma's output is thick and more regular - around 1-2 times per day - a closed-end pouch may also be a good option for you. Instead of draining this type of pouch after a bowel movement, you simply remove it, dispose of it, and replace it with a new one.

1-piece or 2-piece solution - what to choose?

SenSura Mio 2-piece click

There are advantages to using both systems. It basically comes down to what's convenient for you.

If you use a SenSura Mio 1-piece solution, the barrier (flat or convex) is permanently attached to the pouch, and to change the pouch the whole pouching system is removed and replaced. A 1-piece provides the most discreet and flexible option, and may be easier to apply if you have low dexterity.

With a 2-piece solution the pouch and barrier are sold as two separate items. Because the pieces are separate, you have the option to change the pouch more often than the barrier, and you are able to switch among different pouch sizes depending on your need. This can come in handy when you are going out and may prefer a smaller and more discreet pouch. Some individuals find a 2-piece solution easier to see as they put it on - as they can center the barrier around the stoma, then apply the pouch afterward.

Do you prefer a click or a flexible adhesive coupling?

SenSura Mio 2-piece flex

If you want to feel reassured that the system is attached correctly, the SenSura Mio Click system has a wave-shaped lockring, which gives an audible "click" when the pouch is securely locked to the barrier - so you can hear that it is secure. Prior to locking, the pouch can also be swiveled while still connected to the barrier - so it is easy to reposition to drain into the toilet, or adjust to fit your sleeping position.

If you like the idea of a 2-piece but are looking for a more low-profile system, SenSura Mio Flex may be a good option. This flexible adhesive coupling system attaches the pouch and barrier with an adhesive - like a sticker - and combines the flexibility of a 1-piece with the convenience of a 2-piece. In addition to its flexiibility and low profile, the Flex system is popular for its ease of application - even with low dexterity, it is easy to apply and remove the pouch.

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