When will the ostomy become active?

When will my ostomy become active?

Your ostomy will start working right away or within a few days, depending on whether you have a urostomy, ileostomy or colostomy.


Your ostomy will become active immediately after your urostomy surgery. The tubes (stents) coming out of your stoma will help keep the ureters open to drain urine. These stents may be removed before going home or during your first doctor's visit (after leaving the hospital).

Your urine could be red at first, but don't be alarmed – it will soon return to its normal color. There will also be mucus in the urine, however, this is totally normal.

When will the ostomy become active?

Ileostomy or colostomy

Within a few days, your ostomy will begin to work. At first, the output will be quite watery, and there could be strong smells and gas from the ostomy because your bowel has been inactive for a while. This will settle as you get up and around and start eating a more balanced diet.

In the beginning, you might feel a need to go to the toilet as you did before – but the urge will disappear over time. If your anus is still present there may be some mucus discharge from it.


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