My Continence Check Tool

Routines are important, especially when you are catheterising frequently. The My Continence Check is a simple tool that only takes around 2 minutes to complete, and will help highlight any areas of your current routine that may be causing issues.

By letting us know how you are coping with your situation at this moment, we will be able to tailor the content and support we provide to you to meet your specific needs - we promise to do our best to solve the issue at hand!

How often do you use intermittent catheters?

Please let us know about your routine so that we can tailor the questions to fit your situation.

How many times a day do you currently catheterise?

Sticking to your routines is important to maintain a healthy bladder.

Please consider your current status.

Do you feel you have control of your bladder situation?

Feeling in control of your daily routines is not always easy, yet with the right knowledge and habits in place this is achievable.

How confident do you currently feel in all your daily routines related to catheterising?

I do not feel confident

in my daily catheterisation routine at all

I feel confident

in my daily catheterisation routine

Have you experienced a big difference in your urine output that is not due to well-known reasons?

A change could indicate an underlying problem with your bladder.
Click on the statement that best fits your current situation.

In the last week when I catheterise...

Several symptoms could indicate that something is irregular when passing urine.

It is important that you act on any irregularities. You can select one or more issues below.

In the last week, when I pass urine I have noticed...

In the last 3 months I have had symptoms of a urinary tract infection

e.g. fever, increased incontinence, burning pain, etc.

The amount of occasions where these symptoms required treatment with antibiotics

Please consider occasions where a Health Care professional prescribed the antibiotics

How are you feeling right now?

It doesn’t matter if it is related to your daily routines for doing intermittent catheterisation or how you are feeling in general. It is important that your condition does not affect your overall quality of life.

I am having a difficult time

I feel great

Do you feel confident to live the life you want?

Your bladder situation should not prevent you from doing the things you enjoy or take on new
challenges in life.

How confident do you currently feel when it comes to taking on new challenges in life?

I am not confident I can take on new challenges in life at all

I am confident I can take on new challenges in life

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