talk about intimacy

Talk about it!

Intimacy is important in a relationship – find a way of being together that is comfortable and pleasurable to both of you.

Talk about your worries

Sex begins in your mind. A positive self-image is the first step to be able to enjoy sex. To feel that you are desirable even if your body has changed or if the way you can have sex is different to before. Another important factor is openness towards your partner. Talking about your worries and allowing your partner to share their thoughts can help you relax when you’re together. Show or tell them what you like and don’t like.

The willingness to experiment makes you think less about what you can’t do and might even spice up your sex life. For some people changing to other positions can prevent leaks or pain.

People cope with their bladder issues when it comes to sex in different ways including:

  • Laughing about it
  • Having sex in the shower or bathtub.
  • Connecting intimately in other ways like massage
  • Padding the bed with extra sheets
  • Avoiding sex
Sexual responses

Did you know?

In general, sexual responses are different for men and women:

Women’s motivations for having sex are usually related to attraction, pleasure, affection, love, emotional closeness and reproduction. More commonly, sexual desire is triggered rather than spontaneous.

Men more often have sexual fantasies and thoughts about sex. Men also feel the urge to have sex more often than women. With ageing, the difference in sexual responses between women and men becomes less obvious.

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