What is ballooning?

What is ballooning?

A short explanation of ostomy ballooning and a few tips on how to tackle this problem.

Ballooning is when air gets trapped in the pouch, as your digestive system produces gas. This causes the pouch to inflate - just like a balloon. Using a pouch with a filter can help to decrease ballooning.

If your pouch has a deodorizing filter, it allows the odour to be neutralized as the gas gradually escapes through the filter. The filter might start to get clogged over time and may not function properly, consider changing your pouch if this happens.

How to reduce ballooning

Some gas is normal, but excessive gas can be caused by certain drinks and foods. It may help to cut back on carbonated drinks, beans cabbage or broccoli. Foods or beverages that created gas prior to your surgery will continue to create gas after. There are other foods and drinks that can also cause gas, in addition to chewing gum and drinking through a straw.

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  • How to control the filter

    See video on how to control the filter on your pouch.

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