my child has urostomy

My child has a urostomy

Does your child have a urostomy? As a parent, it is important to understand the changes in your child’s body functions, so you can help your little one adjust post-surgery.

Your child’s urostomy

A urostomy is a general term which describes a surgical procedure that diverts urine from a defective bladder to a section of your child’s small intestine. This operation brings an isolated part of the intestine onto the surface of your child’s abdomen in the right-hand side, through a surgically created opening called an ostomy. The ureters are thus detached from the bladder and reattached to the isolated section of the intestine, so the urine is passed from the body through the ostomy.

As a parent, you play an important role in ensuring that the ostomy is well-maintained to ensure proper healing. The following topics are important topics in order to provide the best care for your child.

selecting ostomy pouch for your child

After the operation

It is normal for your child’s ostomy to be swollen after surgery, however it will shrink to a smaller size within a few weeks.

The ostomy has no nerve endings, so it will not hurt when touched, but it may bleed slightly – know that this is completely natural. However, if the urine is cloudy, foul smelling, bloody, or you experience constant bleeding, contact your doctor immediately.

applying pouch to your child

Beware of skin irritation

The skin surrounding the ostomy is called the peristomal skin. This area should ideally be intact without irritation, rashes, or redness - however, irritation can occur. A common cause for irritation to this area is when urine from the urostomy sits on the skin, as the skin will be exposed to moist which will cause skin irritation. Irritation can be minimized with a correctly fitted pouch and by keeping the clean peristomal skin clean. Your child’s Ostomy Care nurse, Paediatric nurse or doctor will instruct you on the best ways to apply the ostomy bag to protect the peristomal area.

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