Adjusting to living with an ostomy 

Adjusting to living with an ostomy 

Some tips and strategies for dealing with the setbacks and frustration, that comes from living with an ostomy.

Coping with the changes after ostomy surgery can be challenging with many ups and downs along the way. There are no magic answers, however in time you will achieve balance and happiness in your life - just like others who have been through similar challenges have done.

finding balance after ostomy surgery can help you become active again

When frustration sets in

At first you were probably concerned about all the practical skills you had to learn. And maybe you felt relieved because the surgery was part of a treatment for a disease or at least for significant medical issues.

As you begin to return to your daily life, feelings of confusion and frustration may start to emerge. While there's no universal solution for dealing with these feelings, there are certain things you can do to regain balance in your life.

Take control

It is not uncommon to experience a loss of control over your situation. If that's the case you should take an active part in every decision concerning your ostomy, from choosing your products to setting the boundaries for what you are and aren't ready for. This will lead to a greater sense of control – and make you feel stronger.

You are still the same person after ostomy surgery

You are still the same person

It is also quite natural to feel a certain sense of identity loss, as if somehow you became someone different after the surgery.

In that aspect it's important to keep doing things you used to do and enjoy before. Continue to remind yourself of all the positive experiences you can still enjoy.

Make a list of all the things you enjoyed prior to your surgery and do your best to continue to do at least a few of these things often.

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