Why exercise is important

Why exercise is important

An active lifestyle is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and here's the good news: Everything counts!

Exercising makes your everyday life less troublesome. Especially in the months after your surgery, where it can really help speed up the recovery, as the physical activity gives you more energy and makes you stronger and better equipped to cope with illnesses.

Furthermore, exercise can prevent complications that may otherwise occur from sitting or lying down too long.

Being fit can make your ostomy bag fit even better

A great side effect of exercising – and for many people the main reason for exercise in the first place – is weight-loss or weight-maintenance. Depending on the shape of your stoma, a firmer, flatter abdomen could make it easier to get a tight fit from your ostomy appliance, which will reduce leakage risks.

So by exercising and losing weight there is a good chance you can reduce some of the problems you might have otherwise had.

Exercise will boost your confidence

Exercise will boost your confidence

As you start exercising, you will feel an almost immediately boost in your awareness of yourself. Exercising makes you feel better about yourself in ways that go far beyond looks and physique.

This appreciation is really good for building self-confidence and could help give you the energy and courage to really get back to the way you lived before your surgery.

How exercise can help stress

An active lifestyle means a stronger heart, better blood circulation, better lung functionality and healthier skin among other things.

It can also help boost your confidence and give you more energy overall. This can help against any stress you might feel after your operation.

If you are not used to exercise

It doesn't matter if you didn't do much exercise before; starting now is as good as if you had started before your operation. The simple rule is: Take it easy, start out slowly and build up gradually. You may start out with a daily walk to the end of the block.

Things to be aware of

Before exercising be sure to empty your ostomy bag for greater freedom of movement and a reduced risk of leakage. And make sure you drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise.

Until your stoma and abdominal area are fully healed, strenuous activities can put you at risk of getting a hernia. Therefore you should avoid any kind of heavy lifting for the first six to eight weeks after your surgery.

Later on there are nearly no limits to what you can do, as long as you take the right precautions. But you should always ask your doctor or Stomal Therapy Nurse to give the green light, before you start exercising.

This website includes general guidelines. Always follow the instructions by your Healthcare Professional.

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