What is a urostomy?

What is a urostomy?

If you are unable to pass urine naturally, a possible solution is to create an alternative opening in your body for the urine to be diverted through. This is called a urostomy.


A urostomy involves replacing the bladder function by diverting your urine to a section of the small intestine.

An isolated part of the intestine is brought to the surface on the right-hand side of your abdomen, creating an opening (ostomy) and the other end is sewn up. The ureters are detached from the bladder and reattached to the isolated section of the intestine.

A urostomy is a permanent ostomy

Because the bladder has been removed there is no reservoir for the storage of urine, and because this section of the intestine has no muscle or valve to control urination, you will need a urostomy pouch to collect the urine.

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