Why do I need ostomy pouch

Why do I need to wear an ostomy pouch?

An ostomy pouch is necessary to securely and conveniently collect the output from your ostomy.

No matter what type of ostomy you have, all of the output from the ostomy must be collected in a secure and convenient way. That is what an ostomy pouch is for. Ostomy pouches are designed to adhere to the skin on your abdomen around your ostomy and collect the output.

The type of your ostomy pouch will depend on whether you have a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy. Your ostomy nurse or healthcare professional will show you which one is right for you. An ostomy pouches are designed to be secure and discreet.

applying SenSuraMio2 ostomy pouch

Ostomy pouch for urostomy

After urostomy surgery, urine will come out through the ostomy. Your body produces urine continuously, therefore, it will be necessary to wear a urostomy pouch to collect the urine.

Ostomy pouch for ileostomy or colostomy

After ileostomy or colostomy surgery, stool will come out through the ostomy instead of the anus. Unlike the anus, the ostomy has no muscle to control the release of stool or gas, it will be necessary to wear a pouch to collect output.


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