What will my ostomy be like?

What will my ostomy be like?

What does an ostomy look like and feel like? Will it hurt? Will it smell? Where does it sit?

Ostomies come in all different shapes and sizes and will normally stick out above the skin level. Some people could have more than one ostomy, depending on their condition.

SenSuraMio2 ostomy pouch

Where will the ostomy be located?

If you have a urostomy or an ileostomy the ostomy is usually created on the right-hand side of your abdomen, while a colostomy is usually created on the left-hand side of your abdomen.

If possible, be sure to discuss the exact ostomy location with your ostomy nurse, as it is important that the ostomy location is appropriate for your body type and your life style and activities if at all possible.

What will it look like and feel like?

The ostomy will be red. Because of the color, it might look like "it hurts". But on the contrary, there are no sensitive nerves in the ostomy. The tissue is similar to the inside of your mouth, and touching it feels about the same – soft, warm and a little moist. It is normal for the stoma to be larger and swollen after surgery, however, it will shrink to a smaller size
within a few months. Your WOC nurse will teach you how to measure your stoma to assist with proper sizing of your ostomy baseplate & pouch.

Will it smell?

An ostomy pouch should not smell as long as your ostomy pouch has a good fit.


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