SpeediCath® Compact Female

SpeediCath® Compact Female

The most compact catheter for women

Samantha: If I want to go on a date with somebody, and I just want to take a clutch with me, I can just throw my catheters in there, along with my lip gloss, and maybe my eyeliner. It's just easy to take with me, and not have to worry about, "Oh my gosh, what if he sees that I have a catheter with me?” They’re not going to notice it.
SpeediCath® Compact Female is the discreet and easy to use catheter for women

SpeediCath® Compact Female is the discreet and easy to use catheter for women. It is designed to suit the female body, and it is about the size of a lipstick.

SpeediCath Compact Female has a unique smooth surface and is designed to reduce friction as well as to ensure safety and comfort, making it easier for you to catheterise when out and about.

SpeediCath Compact Female has become the preferred catheter for women in Europe.

IFU icon Before use, always consult the 'Instructions for use' document delivered with the products

  • Discreet

    Due to its small lipstick size design.

  • Easy grip handle

    For more hygienic catheterisation

  • Instantly ready to use

    Ready to use hydrophilic coating to make emptying the bladder faster and easier

Good to know:

  • Instantly ready to use.

  • You can use SpeediCath Compact Female even when you’re far from a bathroom. Use it together with the SpeediBag® Compact urine bag.

  • You can discard the catheter discretely. When you replace the inner tube on the catheter, you cannot see that it’s a catheter that is being discarded.


  • Women – using compact catheters

    Meet Julie – after getting MS she became a SpeediCath® compact user

    This is Julie's story of how she started having a weak bladder and got diagnosed with MS. Her incontinence has become a lot easier to live with since she got introduced to SpeediCath Compact.

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