SpeediCath Standard


Ready to use hydrophilic coated catheter

catheter instantly ready to use

SpeediCath®  was the first ready to use hydrophilic coated catheter released to the market. Intermittent catheter design took a large step forward when Coloplast created the SpeediCath intermittent catheter.

It is available in a range of lengths and sizes to suit males, females and children.

IFU icon Before use, always consult the 'Instructions for use' document delivered with the products

  • Instantly ready to use

    No need to add water or lubrication

  • Easy to open

    The package has an adhesive spot and pull ring - designed to make opening the package as easy as possible.

  • Size Variations

    Available in a wide range of sizes including paediatric (Children)

Good to know:

  • Instantly ready to use.

  • Sterile single use catheter.

  • You can discard the catheter discretely.

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