SpeediCath Compact Male

SpeediCath® Compact Male

The most compact catheter for men

Randal: When I'm out and about, I take portable, compact catheters in the car, plus zip lock bags for wipes. Then I'll just go into one of the public toilets and use the catheter there - or a disabled toilet is even better because I've got somewhere to put my supplies and wash my hands properly when I'm doing it and I don't have to touch the toilet seat without washing again.
SpeediCath Compact Male is designed for discretion

SpeediCath® Compact Male is the first telescopic compact catheter that has been designed for discretion, with approximately half the length of standard male catheters when packed.

SpeediCath Compact Male has a unique smooth catheter surface designed to minimise friction, as well as to ensure comfort throughout the intermittent catheterisation process.

Compact Catheters have become the preferred catheter in Europe.

IFU icon Before use, always consult the 'Instructions for use' document delivered with the products

  • Discreet

    Its compact design fits in your pocket, making it easy to bring with you wherever you go.

  • Non touch insertion

    It can be removed from the package and inserted without ever touching the slippery (prelubricated) part of the catheter.

  • Instantly ready to use

    Ready to use hydrophilic coating to make emptying the bladder faster and easier.

Good to know:

  • Instantly ready to use.

  • You can use SpeediCath Compact Male even when you’re far from a bathroom.

  • You can discard the catheter discretely. When you replace the inner tube on the catheter, you cannot see that it’s a catheter that is being discarded.


  • Christophe kitesurfing with catheter

    Christophe: kitesurfing

    Even after being paralysed, Christophe enjoys extreme sports.

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