It's important to socialise

It's important to socialise

Don't let your stoma hold your sour social life back.

Don't let ostomy surgery keep you home

Though most things are easier in the comfort of home, it is really important to get back to living and enjoying all the things that you were doing before your surgery. That includes going out.

It's important to socialise

Will it be awkward?

It's natural to be concerned about having to explain yourself, but when meeting new people, remember that you don't owe them an explanation about your condition.

Have a short explanation ready

Sometimes, preparing a short and confident explanation will help put your mind at ease. For instance, you could just explain briefly that you've been through a serious illness and because of that you had major surgery and now wear an ostomy bag.

Avoid being too technical, but try to be open to questions - without over-sharing. Never feel you have to explain details of your surgery to everyone who asks.

What about family and friends?

Family and close friends are of course a little bit of a different matter. If you are open and honest with the people close to you, it can help you get back to the life you had before your ostomy surgery. It is completely normal if for a while after the surgery you still feel uncomfortable talking about it.

However, it is important to strengthen your circle of friends by letting people know when you feel ready to open up.

How to involve your partner

How to involve your partner

If you have a partner, it is good to have an open and honest discussion about how to go about socialising. Involving your partner in how you explain your condition to others (if at all), will help both of you handle the situation more naturally.

If you disagree on the best approach, try to explain your point of view. Understanding how you feel about it will help your partner to support you.

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