Tips for going out, packing and planning

Tips for going out, packing and planning

A few things to think about before going out.

Whether it's a quiet drink in a local bar, a meal out in a restaurant, or visiting friends, you shouldn't have to stop doing the things you enjoy. Ostomy appliances are both secure and discreet – and even the people in your network most likely won't know that you are wearing a bag unless you decide to tell them.

Pack an 'emergency kit'

When going out, make sure to pack an extra ostomy bag and all the accessories you might need. The first few times it can be good to even take one more than you will realistically need, just to put your mind at ease. It can also be helpful to bring extra plastic bags for disposing of your used bag, in case you can't find a bin.

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Think ahead

When you arrive in a new location - whether it's a restaurant or a friend's house - try to familiarise yourself with the toilet facilities. It can take a lot of stress off your mind if you know in advance where to go if you suddenly need to.

How to get started?

To build up the confidence to go ahead and do all the things you enjoy, set yourself small targets in the beginning. Start relatively close to home, and only stay out for a shorter period, perhaps a few hours. Then move on to things like using a public toilet for the first time or visiting a relative. It can be helpful to start with a relative or friend that already knows about your situation.

Soon you can might feel ready to plan a whole day out or even a night out on the town.

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