Dining out with a stoma

Dining out with a stoma

Tips for eating at restaurants - or just dining away from home.

Enjoying a meal at a restaurant is one of life's great joys - and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be able to do that after your surgery, assuming your Healthcare Professional has given the green light to resume a normal diet.

You might have already tried dining out again, but it is completely understandable if you do not feel quite ready yet.

Dining out with a stoma

Choose a familiar place

No matter what, a good strategy is to start with a familiar restaurant and keep it simple when ordering. There is no need to be overly cautious, just be sensible.

In the beginning, you may want to order a type of food that you have already tried at home first so you know how your stoma will likely react. As you gradually expand your diet, you will feel more confident when eating out as well.

Show restraint when drinking

Even if you are used to having a drink at home, it could well be best to 'start small'. For example, drink a small beer rather than a large one.

This will help your body build up your tolerance to alcohol again and help lessen – or completely avoid - any reactions.

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