Colostomy leakage troubleshooter

Colostomy leakage troubleshooter

Experiencing leakage from your ostomy appliance? Ask these questions in order to figure out what may be causing the leakage - and what may be the solution. And if that doesn't work, never hesitate to consult your Stomal Therapy Nurse.

Does the adhesive baseplate fit sufficiently snug and tight around the stoma?

Your stoma can change in size, so it is advisable to measure regularly if the opening in your baseplate is the right size.

If you are having trouble getting the fit perfect, supporting products like Brava® Protective Seal can help you create a seal around your ostomy. You can also talk to your ostomy care nurse about using a convex solution, which will help push the area around the ostomy down.

Is the skin around the stoma uneven?

The skin around the stoma is often uneven due to dips, creases or folds. The number and depth of these vary from person to person. Uneven skin can compromise the fit of your appliance, which can cause leakage, and then subsequently, skin irritation. Even small creases in the skin can enable output to leak in under the adhesive and come in contact with the skin surface.
That is why you should check the adhesive for signs of output leakage and check the condition of the skin around your stoma every time you remove a baseplate.

Did the leak occur while you were doing an unusual movement?

Perhaps you were squatting, bending, or twisting your torso. This should of course not cause leakage, but if it did, it is a sign that your pouch is having trouble following your body movement.

Consider using an elastic tape like the Brava Elastic tape to secure the edges of the adhesive baseplate a little more. You can also talk to your Stomal Therapy Nurse about using a convex solution, which will help your pouch follow your body movement.

Leakage while doing sports

Leakage while doing sports and exercise

Depending on fit and body shape, some movements might simply be a little too vigorous for the pouch to withstand.

Elastic tape could help, but for more strenuous movement an ostomy belt may be the more secure solution, if that is an option for your system.

Is the skin beneath the adhesive plate pale and moist?

This could be a sign of maceration, a skin condition caused by excessive moisture, similar to the pruning that happens to your fingertips after a long bath. If this is the case, the leakage might have happened because the moist skin surface makes it harder for the adhesive to stick.

Make sure the skin is completely dry before applying a new pouch. You may also consider changing the type of adhesive you use to one with a longer wear time.

How does the skin around your stoma look?

If the skin around your stoma is completely healthy it should look just like the skin on the corresponding area on the other side of your abdomen. If it is redder than usual or is sore or itchy, there may be several causes.

If output is leaking under the adhesive it may cause skin irritation. The solution may be to even out the skin for an improved fit with a supporting product such as a protective seal or paste. You may even need a different type of baseplate.

If the skin beneath the appliance is wet or is broken down in any way, the cause can be a build-up of moisture. There are several possible solutions. It may help if you clean your skin more thoroughly before applying your baseplate. You may need to use a supporting product to dry the moisture away or use a different appliance that has a more absorbent adhesive.

Remember to do a BodyCheck
BodyCheck is an easy-to-use online tool and it takes just 5 minutes. Using it regularly will help you to keep an eye on any changes in your body profile and check if your appliance and supporting products are still right for you. Take me to the BodyCheck.

Changing your ostomy solution frequently enough is key to maintaining healthy skin. Here is a handy rule of thumb:

  • One-piece solutions should be changed at least once a day.
  • 2-piece appliance solutions should be changed every second day, and the pouch section should be changed daily.

Remember! If a bulge appears or you have doubts about the appearance of your stoma or the area around it, you should contact your Stomal Therapy Nurse.

Feel free to contact us, if you wish to sample any Brava stoma accessories.

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