Who we are and what we do

Who we are and what we do

Coloplast is a manufacturer of catheters for emptying your bladder as well as other medical devices for personal use.

Listening and responding to people’s needs is what drives our work

Around 348 million people live with bladder issues worldwide. As a manufacturer, Coloplast is committed to offering products and education to our customers that may help them in their day-to-day activities, as they deal with their specific health related issues.

Listening and responding to people’s needs is what drives our work. The feedback we get from you, our customer, is used as input to the development and testing of new products and services.

Develop products with user’s needs in mind

We want to help people live an active and rewarding life, by developing products that are safe, functional, discrete and fit for individual needs and lifestyles.

Coloplast supports catheter users

Support to users on catheters

Our Coloplast® Care team can work with you and your healthcare provider to offer you guidance on products that are available to you and that best fit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Support and education for healthcare professionals

We offer educational material and guidance to doctors and nurses to support their professional care. This includes helping patients to become self-reliant and manage the transition from hospital to home and provide ongoing support as they adjust to being back in their community.

Work on increasing understanding

Intimate healthcare needs and challenges can be difficult to share with others and some fear to go out in public. We want to break the silence and increase understanding and make it easier for people to talk about.


  • Rob’s Story: The Care journey

    The story of Rob, an intermittent catheter user, and his experience with the Coloplast® Care personal support program.

  • Coloplast history

    It all started in 1954…

    Nurse Elise Sørensen wanted to help her sister to a normal life following an ostomy surgery. She came up with a simple yet great solution – a homemade ostomy bag - which led to what we do today. Since then we have also expanded into continence and wound care. Watch the story about Coloplast.

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