A good intermittent catheterization routine helps you being active again

Going out and about

A good intermittent catheterization routine helps you regain confidence to do the things you enjoy.

Julian: Does it matter that I have to catheterize? I guess so… but not really. I just have to go through a slightly different way to do the same function that everybody else does.
intermittent catheterization can be performed when it suits you

Intermittent catheterization helps you maintain a healthy bladder through the low risk of short- and long-term complications – but it also has a number of other benefits. These include enabling you to have good control over your bladder, which offers you more independence and confidence because you - not someone else – can manage your bladder.

Throughout Coloplast Care, you will encounter stories from people enjoying activities such as:

  • Travelling
  • Movies, theaters, concerts and sports games
  • Shopping
  • Camping or hiking
  • Exercising and swimming

The main reason why all this is possible, is because IC allows you to manage your bladder at the time and the place that suit you. In a nutshell: IC can improve your quality of life.

The flexibility to start going out

Mastering IC offers you more independence and freedom in your daily life and the ability to schedule more social activities. Once you have obtained an IC routine, you can feel more confident going out with your friends without having to worry about having a bladder accident. If you are going out for many hours, you just need to think ahead and plan the day: will I need to catheterise before leaving the museum, or after we get to the restaurant? Always bring extra catheters when you leave your house. Some may want to use a different catheter when not at home – maybe one with a bag attached or one that is smaller.

performing IC gives you freedom of being active again

The freedom to take part in sports and exercise

Performing IC is also a step towards more freedom when it comes to sports, because you can be active without the fear of leaking. If you stick to your IC schedule you can engage in whatever activity your physical condition allows you to. Once you get a good routine, IC only takes a few minutes, so even if you have to empty you bladder during sports, you will not be gone any longer than anyone else who has to use the bathroom.

For sport and active lifestyle we recommend a SpeediCath® Compact solution.

The confidence to enjoy an active sex life

Intermittent catheterization very rarely interferes with sexual activity. On the contrary, catheterizing yourself and emptying your bladder completely before having sex will prevent leakage during the act.

The only thing you need to consider, is that IC does not allow you to be completely spontaneous; always take the time to empty your bladder before hitting the sheets.

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