It is important to empty bladder regularly

Why ensure an empty bladder?

Learn what happens if you don’t

How often should I empty the bladder

It is important that you empty your bladder 4−6 times a day, or as recommended by your doctor or nurse, and ensure that your bladder is completely empty each time.

Why? If you do not empty your bladder often enough, the urine can become stale. Bacteria in the urine will multiply, which may lead to an infection of your bladder or urinary tract.

Letting your bladder get too full can overstretch your bladder wall, making it weak or unable to hold urine. It will increase pressure in your bladder with a risk of urine flowing back to the kidneys. Backflow of urine can lead to an infection or long-term damage of your kidneys. Increased pressure in the bladder may also lead to overflow e.g. urine leakages (incontinence).

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