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SpeediCath compact catheter

With a SpeediCath® compact catheter there is no excuse to stay at home. They are available in two versions – one for catheterizing directly into the toilet and one with a pre-attached urine bag, so you don’t have to worry about location or access to bathrooms. Both catheters are very discreet.

  • Small - fits in the pocket of any outfit.
  • If you’re away for long, you can bring as many as you need, because they are compact.
  • Instantly ready to use, so it only takes a couple of minutes to unpack and insert.
  • Pre-lubricated and sterile (hydrophilic-coated and in a saline solution) – so you can bring it to many places without worrying if there’s water or having to bring gels.
  • The catheter is placed inside an airtight and sturdy case.

The benefits of SpeediCath® Compact catheters can of course also be appreciated at home.

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