What is ballooning?

What is ballooning?

A short explanation of ostomy bag ballooning and a few tips on how to tackle this problem.

Ballooning is when air gets trapped in the ostomy bag, as your digestive system produces wind. This causes the pouch to inflate - just like a balloon.

If your pouch has a deodorising filter, it allows you to let out the air without letting out odour as well. Be sure not to wait too long before changing your bag, as the filter might start to get clogged over a few days.

How to reduce ballooning

As ballooning is caused by gas in your digestive system, it's a good idea to cut down on drinks and foods that cause gas. These include fizzy drinks, some vegetables and chewing gum.

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Instructional videos

  • How to control the filter

    Watch a video on how to control the filter on your bag

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