Going home after surgery

Taking your child home after surgery is an exciting time, as well as an apprehensive time with a lot of questions and concerns. The following information is designed to help a smooth transition.

Taking your child home

It often takes adults with an ostomy many months to feel fully comfortable with the change to the body. Depending on age, personality and ability to adapt, the same may be true for your child - and for you as well. In some cases, both you and your child may need to adapt to the changes, and practice patience, until living with an ostomy becomes a natural part of the daily routine. Take heart in knowing, that you should soon feel more comfortable in this new situation.

It can be difficult to remember everything you learnt in the hospital and you’re likely to have severalf questions. We have gathered the following information to help ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible.

Before leaving the hospital

Before leaving the hospital, your Ostomy Care nurse or Paediatric nurse will provide you with information on how to obtain ostomy supplies, along with written documentation from your doctor.

Parent’s supplies checklist:

Having the right ostomy supplies in place is essential. Below, we have put together a list of appliances which are important to make sure you have the basics in place:

  • Pouches/ baseplates
  • Ostomy measuring guide
  • Pen/ marker
  • Scissors
  • Soft wipes (can use moistened paper towels in a zip-lock baggie)
  • Plastic rubbish bag
  • Accessories (only if needed):
    • Mouldable ring
    • Strip paste or tube paste
    • Ostomy powder
    • Belt or special tape
    • Pouch deodorant
    • Adhesive remover

Make sure to re-order pouches when you open the last box, so you don’t run out of supplies. Re-measure the ostomy before ordering to make sure your child’s ostomy products are still an accurate fit.

Store your supplies in a cool, dark place. Do not store the supplies on the heater in your bathroom or carry them in the boot of the car - as heat can damage the adhesive of the product.

Tips & tricks

Infant: Keep all supplies needed for a complete change of ostomy products at all times. Pack a nappy bag including ostomy supplies.

Pre-school and school-age: Keep extra supplies, clothes, and written instructions at the nursery, school, grandparents’ and places you visit frequently.

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