list of accessories needed changing or emptying ostomy pouch

Be prepared

A short checklist of what you should have within short reach before changing or emptying your appliance.

Preparation is key when establishing sound routines in order to change and empty your pouch with as few problems as possible. Make sure that the following items are always within short reach, no matter where you go:

wet wipes used for cleaning skin around stoma
  • Dry wipes
    For cleaning your skin and around your stoma without causing unnecessary skin irritation.

  • Warm water
    The safest way to clean your skin and the area around your stoma is by using warm water without any additives (e.g. soap, oil etc.)

  • Disposable bag
    In order to safely dispose the used ostomy appliance.

  • New ostomy appliance
    Make sure to bring a couple with you in case something happens to the first one.

  • Curved scissors
    To cut the hole for your stoma, unless you have a pre-cut pouch which you don't need to cut to size.

  • Cutting Template
    In order to cut a hole that fits the ostomy as perfectly as possible, trace the size and shape of the stoma on the template/guide before you cut.

  • Other supporting products
    These could include various tapes, skin barriers, seals, paste, etc.
Curved scissors for cutting ostomy barriers
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