Less struggle. More living.

Less struggle. More living.

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Welcome to Coloplast® Care for intermittent catheter users

Coloplast Care guides you to a better life through simple, straight-forward advice on bladder management. We offer a helping hand whenever you need support and we give you the tips and tools you need to take control of bladder issues. Coloplast Care lets you focus on being you again.

  • travel

    How to prepare for take-off

    The 4 things you need to know about flying.

  • establishing sound routines

    Trying to avoid UTIs

    Follow this advice and minimize your risk of urinary tract infections (UTI)

  • intimacy

    Talk about it!

    Intimacy is important in a relationship – find a way of being together that is comfortable and pleasurable to both of you.

  • establishing sound routines

    Why catheter routines are important

    Inspiration for fitting catheterisations into your daily life

  • Dan: “IC has improved my life”

    Dan feels confident to go out with family and friends

  • finding the right product

    SpeediCath® Compact Sets

    SpeediCath® Compact is the only compact all-in-one catheter and bag solution for both women and men

  • sport

    Pelvic floor exercises

    These simple movements can be done everywhere and help reduce bladder issues.

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