Keep your bladder healthy

Keep your bladder healthy

Intermittent catheterization (IC) is considered the preferred method for emptying your bladder.

Bladder emptying methods

It is important that you empty your bladder regularly as prescribed by your doctor or nurse. If you cannot empty your bladder naturally, intermittent catheterization is considered the gold standard.

Other bladder emptying methods include:

  • Manually pressing down on the bladder (Credé)
  • Inserting a more permanent catheter through the urethra (indwelling catheters)
  • Inserting a catheter through the belly (supra-pubic catheters)
IC as a recommended solution for bladder problems

Why do doctors – and Coloplast advisers – recommend IC as being superior to these options?

IC has low risk of complications and infections.

The reason why IC is widely thought to be the preferred method is the low risk of short- and long-term complications.

One explanation is that most people using intermittent catheterization find it more comfortable and convenient than indwelling catheters. And when you find a method, which you think is good and you master it, it is easier to stick to the schedule and empty the bladder as prescribed.

Surveys suggest that catheters that have a special smooth and low friction coating (hydrophilic-coated), are more comfortable, convenient and easy to use. They have also been linked with lower rates of infection and urethral damage when compared to other catheters. Other benefits include giving you greater independence and a better overall quality of life.

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